In this page you see some of my contributions that I want to highlight

Table of Content:

Software Development

I contribute to projects through various git platforms including Codeberg My primary choice , Github , Gitlab , and Bitbucket Littered with Spammers. I'm avoiding it!. For Github, perhaps the easiest and most compact way to illustrate is:

My github account stats

Financial Help/Donation

I regularly donate to multiple projects that I believe are important for the world:

From my Patreon profile I donate to:

  • Software

    • Joplin: A Free and Libre OpenSource notetaking app that put user in control of their data (alternative to Evernote, Micso$oft Notes, and etc.)

    • MultiMC: A Minecraft launcher that put user in control

    • A federated and OpenSource communication platform and protocol

    • Nyxt: A keyboard-oriented, extensible web-browser designed for power users. The application has familiar key-bindings, is fully configurable and extensible in Lisp, and has powerful features for productive professionals.

    • Project Mage: This project is an effort to build a power-user environment and a set of applications in Common Lisp.

    • FOSS Torrents: Creates Torrents for Free and Open-Source Softwares (FOSS) [website]

    • Project that I stopped donating to
      • PodcastAddict app: Perhaps the best podcatcher app ever build by mankind --> Unfortunately I had to stop after perhaps 5 years of donation as the dev is charging via Google Pay subscription, and the app is still not FLOSS. Shame!
      • Kovid Goyal: The software developer behind Calibre ebook manager and Kitty terminal --> I haven't used any of his software in about 2 years, so after over 3 years of donating, I decided to allocate my donation elsewhere that matters to me and are relevant to my daily life.
      • Minecraft Forge: A free and open-source tool that allows players to install and run Minecraft mods. --> this project haven't been updated since 2019 (5 years!)
      • Lutris: An OpenSource gaming platform --> I have been donating to this project for yearsm and yet I haven't used this software even once. I think it is time to allocate my money to other projects
  • Content Creators

    • Veritasium: A YouTube channel that explains some scientific phenomenon (mostly physics) in an illustrative way

    • StringCast: A Persian podcast that explains science and history of science in a very interesting ways

    • StatQuest: A YouTube channel explaining statistics and machine learning in simple language

    • SciShow: A YouTube channel explaining science to people without too much scientific jargon

    • Project that I stopped donating to
      • Technology Connections: He creates YouTube videos with detailed explanation of how certain technologies work, from toaster and dish-washing machine, to lamps and heat-pumps. I believe his contents would help educating people as the explanations are in layman terms and visual. --> I don't think he needs my financial support considering the volume of ads he get on his videos. Maybe later when I'm in better financial situation I restart the donation for the sake of greater good.
  • Independent Developers

  • Entertainment

  • Initiatives

From my Liberapay account I donate to:

  • Platforms

    • My favorite Mastodon instance themed around Free [and libre] OpenSource Software

    • Liberapay: A non-profit organization subscription payment platform.

    • A non-profit organization dedicated to build and maintain supporting infrastructure for the creation, collection, dissemination, and archiving of Free and Open Source Software

    • Disroot: A platform providing online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization. [website]

    • Project that I stopped donating to
      • Run and host free services for the benefit of the open web from our own datacenter in Sweden --> Discontinued project
      • Runs online services based on freedom, privacy and decentralization. --> after 3 years of support, suddently out of the blue the whole website went down. Of course I don't donate to a service that does not use the donations to not to keep the service up and running!
  • Projects

    • magit: One of the best packages in Emacs that makes life much easier for working with git.
    • tmux: In my opinion Tmux is the best terminal multiplexer in existance. Tmux make wokring on remote machines easy, fast, and productive.
    • keepassxc: The only viable and fully FLOSS password local vault/manager.[website][git]
  • Independent Developers

From my Github account I donate to:

From my OpenCollective account I donate to:

  • Manjaro Linux: An Arch-based Linux distro with some batteries included and some extra safety nets.
  • Manyverse: A social network off the grid based on SSB protocol and P2P connection over local network on internet.
  • LocalCDN: "A web browser extension that emulates Content Delivery Networks to improve your online privacy. It intercepts traffic, finds supported resources locally, and injects them into the environment."

Direct recurrent donations:

Computational Donation

I started contributing to the Folding@home project many years ago and quite liked it, but it was very limited to one project and there was a time that they didn't push any working unit, so I switched to Boinc and have contributed in many projects under quite a few different nicknames, but the following is the status of my contributions that are under my own name:

My BOINC contributions
My BOINC badges

Using Project Manager

My main focus for CPU donation is on WorldCommunityGrid which is maintained by IBM. My profile along with details of my contribution and the projects I have donated to can be found in my profile.

ProjectPoints GeneratedResults ReturnedTotal Run Time (y:d:h:m:s)
OpenPandemics - COVID-19229,9223660:090:23:56:17
Africa Rainfall Project32,51670:004:02:03:33
Help Stop TB7,25950:001:03:10:53
Mapping Cancer Markers27,691,19935,45214:358:09:17:20
Microbiome Immunity Project2,69770:000:10:22:38
FightAIDS@Home - Phase 23,802,7814,3681:359:16:11:34
Outsmart Ebola Together122,9954370:039:01:32:04
Uncovering Genome Mysteries3,16550:000:12:25:53
The Clean Energy Project - Phase 230,613450:006:05:54:02
Smash Childhood Cancer1,035,4292,5980:154:17:14:38

Statistics By Project (Last Updated: 2023-09-16T15:33:33+03:00)

I also used to use the Science United which is affiliated with UC Berkley as BOINC project manager as backup to the World Community Grid (which has been offline for quite some time). Unfortunately the ScienceUnited is so poorly designed that it is practically abusing users by not giving the contributors any credit as it rename the contributor while relaying their contribution to the original project. Also the projects can easily disappear from the list of contributions that it is very hard to keep track. For this reason I have stopped contributing through the Science United and have switched to contributing directly to the projects I care about since 2022-06-13. Anyways, according to the dashboard, since 2022-01-17 until 2022-06-13 I have contributed:

Project nameCPU hours
Amicable Numbers383.81

Direct Projects

In the following table I have listed the projects that I'm directly contributing to without using project managers:

ProjectUser IDCross-project IDPoints Generated

Statistics By Project (Last Updated: 2022-08-09T12:18:24+03:00)

See my stats live from BOINC Combined Statistics, BOINCstats, or from Free-DC. You can also see my badges as collections from Signature for BOINC users.

Community Contributions

Forums and message boards have been raised and perished during the years, so I only list those that I can link to:

My profile on Stack Exchanges