In this page you see some of my contributions that I wanted to highlight

Software development

I contribute to projects through various git platforms including Github , Gitlab , Bitbucket , and Codeberg . But perhaps the easiest and most compact way is:

My github account stats

Finantial help/donatoin

I regularly donate to multiple projects that I believe are important for the world:

From my Patreon profile I donate to:

  • Softwares
    • Joplin: A Free and Libre OpenSource nottaking app that put user in control of their data (alternative to Evernote, Micso$oft Notes, and etc.)
    • PodcastAddict app: Perhaps the best podcatcher app ever build by mandkind
    • MultiMC: A Minecraft launcher that put user in control
    • Minecraft Forge: A free and open-source tool that allows players to install and run Minecraft mods.
    • Lutris: An OpenSource gaming platform
    • A federated and opensource comminucation platform and protocol
    • Kovid Goyal: The software developer behind Calibre ebook manager and Kitty terminal
  • Content Creators
    • Veritasium: A YouTube channel that explains some scientific phenomenon (mostly phisics) in an illustrative way
    • StringCast Podcast: A Persian podcast that explains science and history of science in a very interesting ways
    • StatQuest: A YouTube channel explaining statistics and machine learning in simple language
    • SciShow: A YouTube channel explaining science to people without too much scientific jargon

From my Liberapay account I donate to:

  • My favorite Mastodon instance themed around Free [and libre] OpenSource Software
  • Runs online services based on freedom, privacy and decentralization.
  • Liberapay: A non-profit organization subscription payment platform.
  • Run and host free services for the benefit of the open web from our own datacenter in Sweden
  • A non-profit organisation dedicated to build and maintain supporting infrastructure for the creation, collection, dissemination, and archiving of Free and Open Source Software

Computational Donation

I started contributing to the Folding@home project many years ago and quite liked it, but it was very limited to one project and there was a time that they didn't push any working unit, so I switched to Boinc and have contributed in many projects under quite a few different nicknames, but the following is the status of my contributions that are under my own name:

My main focus for CPU donation is on WorldCommunityGrid which is maintained by IBM. My profile along with details of my contribution and the projects I have dontaed to can be found in my profile.

ProjectPoints GeneratedResults ReturnedTotal Run Time (y:d:h:m:s)
OpenPandemics - COVID-1974,8541350:045:06:48:29
Help Stop TB7,25950:001:03:10:53
Mapping Cancer Markers26,017,30132,85714:010:07:57:14
Microbiome Immunity Project2,69770:000:10:22:38
FightAIDS@Home - Phase 23,802,7814,3681:359:16:11:34
Outsmart Ebola Together122,9954370:039:01:32:04
Uncovering Genome Mysteries3,16550:000:12:25:53
The Clean Energy Project - Phase 230,613450:006:05:54:02
Smash Childhood Cancer621,2691,7390:122:21:23:10

Statistics By Project (Last Updated: 8/12/21 12:06:02 (UTC))