CLI/TUI Tools I Have My Eyes on

Mehrad Mahmoudian published on
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This is not an article but rather a list of the software/tools I have found interesting either from feature aspect or design. These software are under my radar and are listed here as a shortlist for my own future reference and potentially introduce them to those who checkout my website.

The software here will not contain Emacs or Neovim, nor it will contain ohmyzsh type of project, although I find them super interesting. This list will also potentially gets updated gradually. Therefore, if you are interested, visit this page every now and then to see the updates.

GNU utils alternative

These are software that are on-par or even improved version of GNU Coreutils:

  • bat: Modern cat [written in Rust]
  • exa: Modern ls [written in Rust]
  • ripgrep: more than grep. It is direct alternative to the silversearcher(ag), but much faster and much better [written in Rust]
  • fd: Modern find with better syntax, default regex on, and multi-threaded [written in Rust]
  • viddy: Modern watch [written in Go]


These are tools that are bringing new concepts/tools to the CLI/TUI toolchain.

  • lazygit: TUI git interface [written in Go]
  • bottom: system monitor similar to bpytop, atop and etc. [written in Rust]
  • entr: Stands for "Event Notify Test Runner" and runs arbitrary commands when files change [written in C]
  • fzf: general purpose command-line fuzzy finder [written in Go]
  • hyperfine: Benchmark performance and runtime of CLI tools size by side with proper statistics [written in Rust]